Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adorable male puppies for adoption

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Mongrel

Name: Happy & Joy

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Not yet

Age: Going 6 months

Reason for Being Given Up: Owned by pond owner but they want to get rid of the dogs..if no one taking might be surrendered to SPCA or be released

Good with humans : OK

Good with Dogs: Excited

Dog's Temperament:
Typical Puppy, Curious and Active but adorable

Ideal Home: Private or Landed

Member putting up this adoption notice: Rehomer

Contact: Rayne 90600810

Adoption Fee: N/A, as long as you take good care them. They can be adopted separately

Please pm with intro of yourself, age and occupation, family size and experience with or without dogs

Photo: They look much cuter & adorable than in the below photo



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Friend lost his dog at bukit timah

On behlaf of a fren:

Hi all, Our Family friend, KC has gone missing on the 25th April 2010 at arnd 4pm. Last seen around Toh Yi Estate/ Jln Jurong Kechil which is the HDB flats behind bukit timah market. KC is a 6 yr old kelpie cross with a short and shiny black brown coat, mid sized abt... 2ft tall stout build and has a white stripe on her chest with 2 distinct white patch on the tip of her hind legs. She has just been flown in frm Australia and has been microchipped. She is greatly missed by us and hope to be reunited with her soon. Anyone who may have seen her or is kind enough to house her at the moment, please contact us at 9853 0640. A reward of S$400 will be given for her safe return. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank You!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Abandoned JRT for Adoption

Received this email from a fren..

Please see the email fren sent to AVA:

This morning as I was walking my dog home, I came across a Mother and son abandon their dog. The pair were walking alongside Lowland Road headed towards Kovan MRT station with their female Jack Russell Terrier walking slightly ahead of them UNLEASHED. When the JRT saw my dog, it came towards my dog and growled, I immediately carried my dog up and I asked the pair why they hadnt leashed their dog. They ignored me, continued walking, the JRT followed them but as soon as I put my dog onto the ground again, the JRT turned around walked towards my direction, whereupon the boy in his blue/white school uniform called out to their dog, "Didi, come here". The dog responded. The Mother had her arms on the boy shoulders as this happened as if asking the son to ignore the dog.

I then walked on, heading for home but I felt something wasnt quite right as I rationalised with myself. The boy was in his school uniform, the mother was in her working clothes and the dog was UNLEASHED. Immediately I realised that they had meant to abandon the dog. I looked at my watch, it was 615am. I immediately turned around and walked towards the MRT station. True enough, the dog had been abandoned and was pacing up and down looking for its owner.

I carried my dog as I didnt want them to growl at each other, asked the dog to follow me home. It did follow me for a short distance and after that went back to the place where it had been abandoned. As there were passing cars and I didnt have an extra leash, I put my dog on the ground and as the JRT came towards my dog, I scooped it up and carried it home. It is now in my home and I am looking for someone who may want to adopt her.

She seems ok and her growling may have been out of fear. She didnt want to eat when I fed her.

Could the authorities please look into such cases of abandonment and if no action is taken against such irresponsible dog owners, this will only encourage this trend to continue.

Please let me know how I can help. I can try wait at the same spot same time but I dont have the jurisdiction take down their particulars to feedback to U.

I am contactable at 96923213.

Thank you.
Shirley Khoo




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still available for adoption...

Pixie is still up for adoption..she is a sweet and gentle lady..all she needs is a good home with TLC..gets along well with dogs...a gentle young lady and loves to be around human..always asking for pats and hugs

Her latest pictures :)



And here's bobby, still looking for a good home..a sweet boy good with dogs and loves human company





Interested parties please contact Rayne at

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Docile Female Labrador For Adoption

Posting on behalf:

Daisy is not toilet trained, and don't understand much commands, however she is docile, manja and really sweet. She deserves a good owner!!


Contact: Kelvin Lim EY (Hp: 98501877) for viewing or more information

* For genuine adopter only

Adorable Minature Schnauzers for Adoption


[u]Posting on behalf:[/u]
Anyone interested to adopt 2 minature schnauzers (one male (5yrs) and one female (3 yrs))? They grew up together and must be adopted together. Cos of some personal issues, the owner could not keep them, but she would like to be able to visit them on a regular basis.

Only for genuine adopters. Kindly contact Ivy @ 97766682

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Super lack of updates...

I have been very busy with work and dogs...and been lazy to update the blog too..sooo sorry for the being MIA from the blog for soo long...

Here's some updates..will post photo up soon...

Pirate - This naughty boy has been real good boy..i think he realised that i have been swamped with work and helping the dogs at the shelter during he dont really disturb me of give me trouble..he all along has been a independent dog and does not make me feel guilty for not having spend enough time with him..he is really my sweet good boy....i am blessed to have him..really...

GerGer - Been bringing her back home every weekend and spending quality time with her and pirate..whenever she is back..pirate will be super happy and they will play like crazy...but only for that inital 15 mins..then they will chill and not be bothered about each other haha..but i noe both of them are happy to see each other every weekend..gerger is super fat now haha been eating too much at my fren's place...

Bobby - Gone to new home..Doing well and managed to lose some of his weight (he was abit overweight last time round)..visit him fortnightly and bring him to the dog run owner loves him and he is settling in well

Buddy - Just visited him last weekend...a happy boy doing great at his home and hanging out well with the owner's small children..but he had some skin allergy and lost quite abit of his fur and kept scratching his face...owner had both spray for it and hopefully he will recover him to bits...

PomPom - Last visited her 1 or 2 months she can really run..not stable but can run and jump..have built a strong bond with owner's mum and the mum super love her and pompom gets to sleep with her every night :) She is happy..very happy i should say...

Pixie - Doing well at shelter and putting on more weight..but a few more kg to go...she is a contented ger and seem to love the shelter...gentle sweet little thing recognize me whenever i visit every weekend...she gets along well with her shelter mates and is a sweetie pie...if i have my own place..i will not hestiate to bring her back immediately hehe....

WIll update with more pictures the meantime..have a merry christmas and a very good Yr 2010 everone!